A Long Time Ago…

Posted in The Old Republic on January 19th, 2012 by Kaylui


That’s right! We’ve moved on to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and despite the “quirks” of the game we’re having a great time. A week ago we had our first raid and started mowing down bosses. Besides the few “normal” encounters, there are a few interesting ones that are a lot of fun. We’re about to finish up hardmode and get started on NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY, where we’ll probably feel accomplished enough to take real pictures. In the meantime though, here’s some stuff!


This guy didn’t give us too hard of a time, until we wiped and he remained there…waiting. Also we had to kill him twice once, that was pretty sweet!



Here’s an interesting picture took after we killed the final boss, Soa:


Check out that picture for a second. Something seems weird, right? Zoom and Enhance!


Yep, we’re naked. Yes, it was a necessary part of being able to get back to the boss after the fight was over. It was worth it.


In other news, when questioned about the difference between normal and hard difficulties, Oshkoshbgosh drew us some pictures to explain: