Blackwing’s Bane

WE’RE RECRUITING! We’re looking for an exceptional Boomkin/Resto druid or Shadow Priest to join our ranks. If you think you’ll be a good fit, head over to the forums and leave an application! We’ll also consider a very impressive caster dps, so if you think you have what it takes, let us know!


With the new patch coming soon and Firelands along with it, we still had some business to settle in Blackwing Descent. With some new beefy additions to our roster, we stepped into Nefarian’s lair and crushed the mind controlling, lightning flashing, zombie making, lava loving OH MY GOD CINDERS casting SOB once and for all, getting a huge Murloc off our backs.

We now stand ready, better than ever for the Firelands, biped Ragnaros, and everything in between. Awesome Job, Lolcats!




Oh yeah, we threw this one in there just for fun. Elementary, my dear Stromm!

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